LaWanda lost 40 pounds

Transformation of the Day: LaWanda lost 40.8 pounds. This mom of three was struck with temporary blindness due to diabetes. That was the wakeup call that led to her awesome transformation. Check out how she took action to release the weight.

lawanda before and after

I never had weight issues until I had my third child. I gained more than 50 pounds after I gave birth to her. It was weird, because during my pregnancy I didn’t gain a pound. From June 7, 2014 to January 15, 2016, I gained the weight and it got to the point where couldn’t tie my own shoes. I knew I had to make a change.

I was able to lose about 15 pounds, but I stopped for a while and gained twice as much back. Then, things got worse for me. I was experiencing dry mouth, going to the bathroom every five minutes and my eyes started to act up really bad. I said to myself, “I know I’m not pregnant again.”

While coming home from work one evening, I went blind for about 15 minutes. I cried and screamed. I was so glad to get off the highway safely. Finally my eyesight came back and I rushed to the ER. They ran tests and I found out that I was a diabetic. My blood sugar was 477. That was definitely a wakeup call. HELLO!?

I started this journey in January 2016. I was determined to get the weight off. At first, it was a slow process but I didn’t give up. This time, I stuck with it because I knew I needed my sight and my life. I have three small kids (ages 9, 6, and 3) to take care of.

Exercise: I started joining workout boot camps and working out at the gym. In the gym, I would get on the elliptical for an hour, non-stop. After that, I’d run on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I did this everyday, five days a week. When I work out, I take it very seriously.

Eating Habits: I started eating clean by cutting out bread, rice, junk food, alcohol, soda and sweets. My daily calorie goal was 1200 calories. I love to cook and try new things in the kitchen. I made my own dressing for my salads with apple cider vinegar with stevia or plain yellow mustard with stevia. Also, I don’t eat after 6pm. I try get my last meal in around 5:30 pm.

My total weight loss is 40 pounds. I started out at 189.8 pounds and now I weigh 149 pounds. My height is 5’5″. I wore a size 15 and now I wear a size 4. (My goal was a size 6, but 4 works fine.) I changed my life for the best and today I’m super proud. I’m still working on building muscle.

The biggest lesson: Never take your health for granted, like I did. My health came back in full force, ready to blind me. Take your health seriously. That’s my advice. Stick to your diet and set specific goals for your weight loss. Change your mindset, be determined and take action.

This journey was challenging, but it was worth it. I feel great and the diabetes is gone as long as I continue live healthy. Some people ask me what I did to lose so much weight or if I took any diet pills. These pictures are proof that you don’t need pills to lost weight. Just determination.

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