Participate and Win Great Prizes

Run your next training session faster than ever before or take it to the hills and set a new personal best for the highest elevation gain. We are proud of you and every new record you set. That’s why there are now great prizes to win at #MyRuntasticRecord for all our Runtastic Premium Members and those who still want to become one.

Here’s how it works

  • From Monday, November 6 (midnight CET) to December 3 (midnight CET), you can show us how athletic you are: take a selfie or record a short video of you before, during or after a run or a workout.
  • It doesn’t matter what fitness activity you do. What matters is that you have fun doing it and get creative!
  • Share your selfie or video on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and don’t forget to use the hashtags #MyRuntasticRecord and #Runtastic.
  • That’s all you have to do to enter to win great prizes every week. If you are one of the lucky winners, we will leave a comment under your posting. Winners will always be notified on Monday.

What you can win

Because we would like to help you reach your fitness goals, Runtastic Premium users will have the chance every week to win Garmin watches or an adidas fitness package worth 150 euros (consisting of a sports bag, towel, water bottle and much more). You’re not a Premium Member yet? Enter our contest and sign up for a 12-month membership! That way you can enjoy everything Premium has to offer, like the Records feature as well as the many other extras in all our apps free of charge.

Good luck with #MyRuntasticRecord and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.



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